Friday August 13, 2021

James tried twice yesterday afternoon to get the yard mowed. He was in town where it was not raining finishing up those yards and came on to my house about the time I was on my way back from Winston.

When he got here it managed to get a couple of rows mowed when it started storming and he had to stop. He came around 3:30 yesterday afternoon when it looked like the storms had moved through. He mowed the front and back had started on the side when it started thundering, lightening and raining so he had to quit again.

He came back this morning just as I was going out to do some weeding and spray Roundup along the natural areas. While he mowed and edged I did my gardening chores.

After he left I finished up, took my shower, and headed into town to pick up books at the library and stop at the bookstore to talk to Pat.

Warm again today with a chance of afternoon evening thunderstorms

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