Saturday November 13, 2021

Sunny today but highs only in the low 40’s with 10 to 15 mph winds and gusty.

Just hanging around in the house today trying to stay busy. It’s very lonely without Colin for company and to break up the day.

I have been working on the books downstairs. A lot of them are Bob’s science fiction and/or some mysteries either I don’t read or will not read again.

I’ve been taking the  popular mystery authors to the bookstore. We don’t have a large readership of sci-fi so I’ve been taking the newer ones down to Winston to a store that buys them. Don’t get much for them but at least they are going where someone else may want them.

I batched up another big batch of paperbacks to take to Cares on Monday. I’ve been taking the older stuff to them that I know will not sell in the store.

So, I got that done, did a load of laundry, and shredded some more old paperwork from the file cabinet.

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2 Responses to Saturday November 13, 2021

  1. nick flandrey says:

    Hi Barbara,

    I keep hearing that nobody wants books, but I see plenty sell at goodwill and at the really nice thrift store near me. They only get a buck or two for hard covers that cost $32… but people are still reading books. I buy several a month 🙂 and I’ve gotten my two kids hooked on them.

    I had wondered about Christmas trees this year. We’ve got a tree farm not too far away so I figured I could do that, if the stores were short. I’ve been concerned about availability enough that I’ve been watching auctions and estate sales for artificial trees. The good ones look just like real, but cost like 10 live trees. The old ones are cheap but look it too. My hope is that we can get a real one when the time is right, and that it doesn’t require a finance plan to buy it.

    Wishing you the best,


  2. Barbara Fritchman Thompson says:

    I live right here in tree farm country and we have a shortage as well. Will be posting my plans for Christmas tree shopping in a future post.
    Lots of people still come in the bookstore looking for books and say they still love holding the real thing.

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