Wednesday November 24, 2021

I was supposed to leave for Winston this morning. The plan was to go to the tree lot I used when we lived in Winston mainly for convenience sake instead of tramping around in a field. I would get my tree and and spend tonight and Thanksgiving day with Frances and Al. We were all coming back up here Friday to help with and pull out the decoration boxes from the closet.

That plan fell apart Monday when their (new this February) stove quite working. It threw a monkey wrench into my plans and their plans. She took yesterday off to get the early baking done for tomorrow. No way could they get a replacement stove delivered on short notice or that one repaired.

So, plan B. I went to the local choose and cut lot I used a couple of years ago this morning. His fields were sparse, especially in the 6′ to 7′ range, but after tramping around finally settled on one.

They are leaving Winston this afternoon as soon as she gets off work to head up the mountain. That would have been the plan anyway if Colin were still with me. It messed up Frances’s plans worse than it did mine.

At least it’s a nice day. It warmed up from the upper 20’s this morning into the low 40’s with lot of sunshine and not too breezy.

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