Sunday January 16, 2022

It was snowing when I got up to check outside around 5:30. So far it looks like we’ve had 8 to 10 inches but the snow has turned to sleet and freezing rain in the last hour. Hopefully it will turn back to snow. Winds are supposed to get gusty tonight in the 40 to 60 mph range. Temperatures were in the upper teens this morning with a high in the mid 20’s this afternoon.

I did the house cleaning chores and washed a load of towels. I have not where to be so shoveling out is not an issue since with my back I can’t shovel anyway. But, I want to keep the steps down to the sidewalk and this end of the sidewalk clear so I can get to the bird feeder at the corner of the sidewalk. Also, I want to keep the porch clear in the front of the den window where I have another bird feeder on a pole so I can get to that. I use the broom to keep that one clear.

Between the broom and the snow pusher I can manage that task. I put seed in a couple of plastic trays and put them on the porch.

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