Wednesday April 20, 2022

Happy anniversary to Frances and Al.

Sunny and little warmer today with calmer winds.

Al drove me down to Winston this morning for my appointment with my infectious diseases doctor. They removed the pic line. No more antibiotic infusions. I still have the antibiotic spacers in the knee to continue fighting the infection. Glad to get rid of that part of the healing process.

He just left to head back to Winston. Jo is on the way over for a visit.

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  1. lynn says:

    My 80 year old mother had a pic line in February and March for antibiotic infusions for her infected hip implant. She fell in the bathroom in January ??? and the resulting bruise at the left side hip implant got infected so they removed the bruise via surgery. She is doing much better now but it was touchy there for a while. Mom has two hip implants and a shoulder replacement. She is done.

    I am glad that you are able to stay home. Mom spent six weeks in the hospital in Victoria, 30 miles away from their home in Port Lavaca, TX. My 83 year old father was running up there every day until he got Covid. The rehab doctor told mom and me that Covid is just rampant in the hospital, especially in the first floor ER. Dad just coughed a lot for a week.

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