Thursday April 28, 2022

Well, it’s been adventurous day.

Al and I left for Winston at 11 am for my 12:30 haircut appointment. From there we went to their house. You walk into their one car garage to get into the house. But, I cannot go in their house because you have to go up brick stair both back and front door. Not able to do that on one leg and a walker.

So, I sat in one of the outdoor chairs they have set up where they sit outside when it’s nice weather. At 2 pm we drove to my ortho doctor appointment at 2:20. More on that later.

After that appointment we drove back to their house. I sat in the truck to avoid the in and out issues of the truck. Frances, who works from home on Thursdays, clocked out at 3:30. We then left Winston for home. But, we stopped in Elkin to eat dinner at Zaxby’s in Elkin. We work our masks and ate inside. (Except when eating of course.)

So, back home around 6 pm. Been a long day.


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