Thursday May 12, 2022

Al drove me down to Winston yesterday. We left around 9 am. I had to be at the hospital by 11 to get checked in for my surgery.

All went well. Al and Frances got to the hospital around 11 this morning to take bring me home. They had 21 discharges to get through today so it was 3;30 by the time we got out there.

We stopped at the drugstore first getting to the house about 5 pm. They helped me settled in then left to head back down the mountain.

All going well so far. Pain has not been too bad. I have pain meds and have to on oral antibiotics for three months. Came home with an ice machine to work on keeping the swelling down. Easy to use. Just put frozen water bottles in the water and turn it on. Swap out the bottles after about 3 hours.

The pressure washer guy came this afternoon. The front of the house looks so much better. He did a great job.



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