Sunday December 4, 2022

Mostly cloudy today with temperatures in the upper 40’s and calm winds. Finally.

Frances and Al left a little at 9 am for home. I cleaned the bathrooms then decided to take advantage of the calm winds to work outdoors.

The reason being I needed to use the blower to get all the leaves piled up along the front of the porch in the natural areas. Once I had most of them removed I trimmed down the dead aster and bee balm stalks and pulled up out the dead shamrock leaves. Then I blew as much of the leaves as I could get that were caught up in that mess. The bottom layer was pretty wet but a few of our 60 mph windy days will blew them on out.

Then I blew them all from the front of the house down to the side natural area along the fence line. I cut back the dead stalks of the other aster and carpet flower plant in the natural area on the other side of the driveway by the side porch and the one along the driveway.

All that took about two hours but it looks much better. Laundry this afternoon.


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