Tuesday January 3, 2023

Cloudy with off and on drizzle and fog with breezy conditions.

I drove over to Lowes in Jefferson this morning to buy a new refrigerator. Last year when it started acting up I had the electronic board replaced. The temperatures in the fridge and freezer stayed regulate for awhile but had now started acting up again. I had to move all my freezer stuff out the one in the garage. Plus, it makes this constant gurgling noise that I am tired of listening to.

I am limited to make and model because of a confined space to 18 cu. ft. so I went with another top freezer which is fine for me. This one is a Whirlpool we bought up here but has only lasted 4 years. The only option I could fine in what I was looking for was a Frigidaire.

Back home I fixed some lunch then took down and packed up the wreaths and finished putting all the stuff back in the closet.  I vacuumed up the worst of the pine needles to keep from tracking them all over the house.

Now I am working on first of the year spreadsheets and file folders and paying the first of the month bills.

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