Saturday February 4, 2023

Another sunny and chilly day. Temperatures made it into the upper 30’s with calmer winds but wind chill still in the low 20’s.

A moderately busy day but not as much as we had hoped for half price paperback Saturday. Did not break the $100 ceiling. I guess the cold temperatures are keeping most folks inside. Customers today were almost all locals.

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2 Responses to Saturday February 4, 2023

  1. lynn says:

    “Tracking” by David R. Palmer

    “She gets a new dog that really likes to play frizbee along the way.”

    BTW, author requests that if you think that the Border Collie that he describes in the book is cool, do not go out and buy one. He says Border Collies are a fifteen year commitment with a dog who needs ten hours of hard work per day or else they will find a way to do ten hours of hard work. He recounts a friend whose Border Collie got bored and pulled the siding off the back side of his house and neatly stacked the sheets into a pile.

    Do you think that the author’s concerns about Border Collies are valid ?

  2. Barbara Fritchman Thompson says:

    Yes. Border Collies do not make great pets for everyone. Bob always said that even after owning them all all his life. They need a lot of activity and yes, they are a 15 year commitment though only one of our lived that long.
    I loved all three of mine but Colin, I think, was the smartest and best we one ever had. If left to their own devices they will destroy stuff. We kept them busy by indoor playing and lots of walks and play outdoors.
    I miss Colin but am not able to take care of another BC and would not own any other breed.

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