Thursday March 2, 2023

Cloudy today with temperatures in the mid 50’s. Light rain fell over night with more moving back in tonight and the winds picking back up. Saw some robins in the yard this afternoon. They may be arriving a bit early but we will see.

I went to the gym this morning then stopped by the library to pick up and return books.

This afternoon I’ve spent time here at the computer getting my banking stuff organized. I keep my bank register on a spreadsheet to make it easier to balance and track payments. Having to start a new account I created a new spreadsheet to simplify the transition. I labeled the old spreadsheet 2023A and the new one B. The old account cannot be closed out until my retirement deposits have switched over but all my checks have cleared.

That done, I wrote first of the month checks on the new account and paid the one bill I always do by phone. Then ordered more books online from the library for next week and finished things up here.

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