Sunday March 12, 2023

I worked Friday at the bookstore until 2 pm then left for Winston. Spent the weekend celebrating Frances’ birthday. We ate at Texas Roadhouse for dinner Friday then back to the house for cake and ice cream. One of the across the street neighbors came over to join the festivities.

Saturday we walked around downtown Kernersville, a nearby bedroom community then back home. Another family came overĀ  from across the street with their children to have ice cream and cake and visit.

After they left we went to dinner at a barbecue place then back home.

Beautiful weather until early this morning. They had a mix of rain/freezing rain the cars and grass when we got up. I ate breakfast, packed up, and headed home. Up here it’s 28 with a winter weather advisory. No problems coming up the mountain. We have white stuff on the grass and may have sleet/freezing rain/snow showers all afternoon and tonight.

This afternoon doing the laundry and getting stuff unpacked and put away.



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