Friday April 14, 2023

Rain early this morning than skies cleared with temperatures making it into the upper 60’s. Around 3 pm we had a pretty good thunderstorm with a lot of lightening and more rain. I’ve had a total of an inch and half here at the house. It’s still storming but looks like it’s moving out of here soon.

This morning the store was dead quiet. We had only made eight dollars by 1 o’clock. Then all of sudden the store was full of people and we leapt over the $100.00 ceiling in two hours. Mostly out of town folks today. In between we had several donations to work on.

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  1. Hi Barbara, glad your dental adventure is proceeding well. Serious dental work always gives me shivers just thinking about it. I’m sure that once the healing is done, and the new tooth is in place, it will all have been worth it, but in the mean time, oh my {shudder}.


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