Monday September 17, 2012

It was grey, cloudy, rainy Monday. It was busy off and on until this afternoon when I was given a fairly time consuming project. I can finish it in the morning.

In between “do this or that please” I was getting all of dad’s paperwork organized. Between the move and getting his VA benefits filed I have an accordion file full of stuff. One of the address changes is for his current VA stuff. I tried calling the 800 number but got a recording there was a long wait. I could not find what I needed on the web site. Since the local VA office is two blocks up the street in the Federal Courthouse I decided I would just walk over and get the form.

I had a single piece of paper in my hand, no pocketbook or anything else except my clothing and my Womble badge. As you go in the door it looks like an airport security system that is set up. They first wanted ID which I showed them my Womble badge. Not good enough. He took it from me and took it around to a room behind the screening equipment to show some guy who poked his head out the door and said to let me through since I worked for Womble. The guy at the screening unit took my piece of paper, my watch, and my badge to run through the scanning thing.

And, or course, as soon as I walked through the metal detector I made it go off with my knee. I have card in my wallet that proves I have a replaced knee. The other guy made me put my arms out and ran the scanner all over including at my knee. I told him I had a knee replacement while all this was going on. When it beeped at the knee he said” right here” and I said yes. I wanted to say yes, knee replacement means I have metal in there, it is not a bomb. All that just to go fifty feet down the hall to the VA office to get a change of address form.

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