Saturday June 3, 2023

It was hot and sunny today with temperatures in the low 80’s until about 4:30. Then the clouds moved in and we’ve had off and on downpours with thunder and intermittent sunshine since then.

Today was Music on Main starting at 5:00. They blocked off the streets at 2 pm to set up the main stage for the 7:00 event. They had two bands playing under tents on the street from 5 til 6:30.

We kept the store open until 7 to accommodate the folks being in town for the music.  The street music bands had folks sitting on the sidewalks under the store awnings during the rain storms.

We were busy all day with a few breaks off and on. I walked down the street during the lull to get some takeout for dinner. We broke the $300.00 ceiling so we had a very good day at the store.

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