Tuesday June 6, 2023

Happy birthday to Al, and, remembering Bob. He would have been 70 today.

It’s warm and sunny today. Temperatures are in the low to mid 70’s and breezy. The winds are blowing in some of the smoke from the wild fires in Canada.

First thing this morning I repainted the two little wrought iron tables that sit on the porch. I had planned to replace them but could not find anything I wanted. Maybe in the fall I will look around again.

I did some more battling with the weeds, cut back the dianthus that had finished blooming, and trimmed back the quince bush to keep in control.

That was enough for one morning and the smoke was getting a little thick so I called it a day for outdoors.



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  1. Thinking of Bob too.

    Don’t work too hard outside if the air is nasty,

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