Monday November 13, 2023

Sunny and breezy today with highs in the upper 50’s.

Changed the sheets then went to the gym and grocery store. Picked up weekly items plus a couple of things for the pantry.

Winds were light so I decided to blow the leaves from the two beds in the front of the porch. Manged to get them blown to the side yard beyond the porch when the wind picked up and shifted from straight behind me to right to left. I was about halfway to the natural area so I raked them them rest of the way. It was pretty good sized pile but managed to most of them raked away so they don’t blow back in where they came from.

Uncovered some fairly good sized weeds that I need to dig up at some point. The rest of the leaves will rot away into the soil this winter.

Wash the sheets this afternoon and put away the pantry stuff.


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