Monday October 8, 2012

It was work as usual for me today, we do not observe Columbus Day and I am reading another Bill Slider mystery by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles, Fell Purpose.

Last week I set up an appointment with Goodwill to pick up the load of stuff we have in the living room. They only pick up one day a week by zip code, You cannot make an appointment but I had it set up that the driver would call Bob who would then call me to let me know he was on his way. I did it that way because sometimes my cell phone reception is not good in the building and I may not be at my desk. The lady that sets up the appointments said she would tell them to put me last pick up of the day which would make it sometime around 3pm in the afternoon. I am only ten minutes from the house and she said that was fine they would wait.

Bob called at 2:15. I shut down my computer, grabbed my stuff, and headed to the car. I was at the house by 2:30. I waited over an hour an no one showed up. I called Bob and asked him to call the driver to see where he was. Bob called back to tell me he got voice mail and would call the Goodwill number. A few minutes later Bob called again. Said he could not get through to the general number. He tried again and finally talked to the guy in charge of pick up. Bob gave him my cell number. He called soon after I hung up with Bob. The guy said the driver came to the door, no one answered so he left.

Dah! Bob told the driver when he called to wait for me to show up that I would be there in about fifteen minutes. I told the Goodwill guy that exact story. He more or less made a lame apology and was sending the guy back out. When the driver showed up he said he was only ten minutes away when he called, he knocked, waited ten minutes, then left and that Bob said he was calling me but said nothing about waiting for me. BS!

So, he is by himself taking load after load to the truck. We had a lot of stuff. I asked him if he had to work by himself and he said no he had someone with him earlier and he was almost home when he got the call to come back. I am guessing the moron got there, knocked, waited two seconds, and saw a chance to go home early.

The last thing I said to the Goodwill guy when he called and gave me the lame story was that next time I will call Salvation Army or the Rescue Mission. They need stuff just as much as Goodwill does and we can share the wealth.

It was a very chilly night dropping the temperature in the house down to about 67 which is too chilly for Bob’s comfort level. I could smell the heat when I was in the bathroom taking my shower. The day remained cold and raw with drizzle and temperatures not getting much over 50. It’s to warm back up to the mid 60’s and low 70’s but nights will still be in the 40’s so I guess we will keep the heat on.


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