Friday January 19, 2024

We had freezing precipitation over night and early this morning. Winds were howling all night with 40 and 50 mph gusts. The high was this morning at 30 degrees than began falling around midday and will continue to fall down into the teens tonight. Wind chills will be down into the single digits. We’ve had off and on snow all day and with the winds was mostly blowing sideways or swirling.

Pat and I decided not to open the store for several reasons. The roads were not that bad but  I was worried about her walking from the parking lot to the store. We also decided with the winds and cold temps not a lot of people would be out and about shopping and we would not have very many customers.

So, spent the day doing various house chores and watching NetFlix.

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2 Responses to Friday January 19, 2024

  1. nick flandrey says:

    Thinking of you on this day, Be Well Barbara…


  2. Barbara Fritchman Thompson says:

    Thanks Nick. And thank you for the nice tribute to Bob. Miss him everyday.

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