Friday September 7, 2018

Another warm, partly cloudy, humid day. I volunteered with the Friend of the Blue Ridge Parkway on a project this morning. I finished up around noon, ran a quick errand, and came back home.

After a quick lunch I weeded the beds on both sides of the driveway, pulled up the last zucchini plant, and picked a few tomatoes.

Now, time to do a load of laundry.

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Thursday September 6, 2018

I am reading Away In A Manger by Rhys Bowen. Yes, it’s a Christmas book. I am reading the series in order and have just not been able to get a copy of this one from one of the other libraries in the system.

Today was pretty much a repeat of yesterday. Gym this morning, home, and back to the gym for the middle of the day shift.

The weather was a repeat of yesterday; partly sunny, warm, and humid with not much of a breeze.

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Wednesday September 5, 2018

Gym this morning then back home to give Colin some playtime, take a shower, and head back to the gym to work the middle of the day shift.

It was mostly cloudy today at times looking like it might pour down. It did not rain at the gym or here. Temperatures in the upper 70’s with not much of a breeze and high humidity. I harvested a zucchini yesterday which I will cook for my dinner tonight.

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Tuesday September 4, 2018

Warm and partly cloudy today and not much of a chance of rain or a thunderstorm.

I volunteered at the book store this morning. Not sure what Colin and I will do this afternoon.

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Monday September 3, 2018

Gym and grocery store this morning. i spent an hour balancing bank accounts and paying the first of the month bills.

Today is to be mostly sunny, low to mid 80’s, and humid.

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Sunday September 2, 2018

We had a leisurely morning; I slept in until 8:45. Al took Colin out and fed him his breakfast for me. He picked another big bucket of apples yesterday evening. This morning he pealed spaghetti sized cooking pot full and cooked me up a batch of applesauce for the freezer. We watched a show on NetFlix and ate some lunch. About noon we had a couple of big thunderstorms roll through for a couple of hours. I guess we’ve had close to an inch of rain.

They headed down the mountain and I pulled out the vacuum to get the worst of the dog hair and other stuff I tracked in all week off the floor and cleaned the bathrooms.

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Saturday September 1, 2018

Frances and Al arrived yesterday evening around 7pm. I had Digiorno pizza’s ready to come out of the oven when they got here.

This morning Al moved all the stuff from the front porch and power washed the front and north side of the house and eaves. The back and other side are too high off the ground and do not get weathered as much. I have a bottle of house cleaner I can use with the hose to do the side where the deck is another day.

We are grilling chicken, beef ribs, and zucchini for dinner tonight.


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Friday August 31, 2018

I am reading Murder in the Secret Garden by Ellery Adams.

Gym this morning. Yesterday when Bonnie and I met for lunch we exchanged plant material. I took her some more hens and chicks and she gave me iris bulbs and some cone flowers. I planted those this morning and did a few other gardening chores. It is still hot and dry. We really need rain but nothing in sight other than a chance for scattered showers.

I am washing a load of clothes and doing indoor stuff this afternoon.

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Thursday August 30, 2018

A trip down the mountain to Winston this morning for my 10:30 hair cut. Afterwards, I ran several errands before meeting Bonnie for lunch at Zaxbys. From there I headed back home making a slight detour to the Amish market in Hamptonville before getting on 77 to head for home.

It was hot and steamy in Winston. It’s warm here for the mountains at 78 degrees with some humidity and mostly sunny skies. I hit a short rain shower a couple of miles down the road from the house but it had not rained here.

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Wednesday August 29, 2018

Did not get to the gym this morning to work out. Instead, I had to go in early, 9:30 instead of 11, to relieve Amy so she could leave early.

Another hot, dry day. We are needing rain but, other than a chance of scattered thunderstorms, not much of chance the next few days.

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