Friday May 13, 2022

Clouds, fog, with drizzle today with temperatures in the low 60’s

The home health PT supervisor came this morning to get me registered back into their system. My PT will start next week. I have some exercises to do until then given to me by the PT at the hospital.

Much easier getting around now that I can walk on the leg. Still using the walker until it gets stronger and some of the swelling goes down.


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Thursday May 12, 2022

Al drove me down to Winston yesterday. We left around 9 am. I had to be at the hospital by 11 to get checked in for my surgery.

All went well. Al and Frances got to the hospital around 11 this morning to take bring me home. They had 21 discharges to get through today so it was 3;30 by the time we got out there.

We stopped at the drugstore first getting to the house about 5 pm. They helped me settled in then left to head back down the mountain.

All going well so far. Pain has not been too bad. I have pain meds and have to on oral antibiotics for three months. Came home with an ice machine to work on keeping the swelling down. Easy to use. Just put frozen water bottles in the water and turn it on. Swap out the bottles after about 3 hours.

The pressure washer guy came this afternoon. The front of the house looks so much better. He did a great job.



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Tuesday May 10, 2022

Sunny again today but breezy with temperatures in the upper 60’s. We were back down into the upper 30’s again last night.

I had a young man come by this morning to give me a quote to soft washing the gutters and the front and north side of the house as well as the entire front porch, columns, etc.

Al arrived aroundĀ  1 pm.


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Monday May 9, 2022

Lots of sunshine today with temperatures in the low 60’s.

I called Billings Heating and Air this morning to make an appointment to get my AC serviced for the season. I usually have to wait a week or so but she said he could come by today. He got here about 11:30. All systems go.

JoAnne texted me this morning to ask if I had caught the chipmunk. I went out to check the traps I could see from the door. One was several feet over from where I left it. There was lots of seed cases all over the floor. It looked like two had been sprung but I did not see the critter.

She stopped by this afternoon to see if she could find it. She went on out to the garage while I was getting up on the walker. I heard this loud bang. She said it was laying on the floor all curled up. She threw the empty recycle bin over it. I went out to the garage. It had knocked plastic flower pots off the top shelf and made a mess of eaten see all over the floor.

She slid the bin outside to the driveway and lifted it it. It was still just curled up so she swept it out into the natural area. Still laying there when she left. I guess it was almost dead. Problem solved.

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Sunday May 8, 2022

Mostly cloudy today and cool. Temperatures in the low 50’s with a breeze. We go back down into the upper 30’s to low 40’s again tonight.

I cleaned the sink and toilet in my bathroom and I’ve started a load of towels washing.

Guess that’s about all for today.


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Saturday May 7, 2022

We had a lot of severe weather in the area last night. Fortunately the worst here was a severe thunderstorm that hit about 7:45 with strong winds, rain, and small hail. I guess it lasted about half an hour. Some folks in the county lost power but thankfully I did not.

oToday is cloudy and cool with temperatures in the mid 60’s and a chance of rain and storms again this afternoon.

This afternoon I’ll get the laundry done. Vicki brought in my mail and checked the traps but no chipmonk.

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Friday May 6, 2022

JoAnne picked me up at 9 this morning to go to hospital in Clemmons, which is this side of Winston, for my 11:00 pre-op appointment and where I will have my surgery.

Foggy as all heck all the down the mountain then cloudy the rest of the way in.

I finished up about 12:30. On the way back out to the main road we went into a little shopping to look for a place to have lunch and found Mediterraneo Pizza and Grill. I ordered a small Stromboli and Jo had a half of a hero sandwich. Really good food at great prices.

After lunch we headed back home. Cloudy down the mountain but as soon as we started up we hit light rain then as we got closer to Sparta hard rain. We are under tornado watch until 9 pm this evening.

Just as I opened the garage door this morning to go out a chipmunk ran in. Jo helped me set traps when we got back then she headed on home.




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Thursday May 5, 2022

Partly cloudy today and breezy with temperatures in the low 70’s.

Joyce stopped by yesterday afternoon with my library books. She picked up some pieces of outgoing mail and a book to return.

George ordered the part for the dishwasher which is no surprise will take four weeks to get here. Until then I can run it with a towel on the floor.

Thankfully my surgery date is set for next week.

I was having problems with the front storm door closing all the way shut. Discovered the clip that holds it open on the spring mechanism was not all the way back. Problem fixed.

My home health aid ended last week so taking my showers on my own. It’s not really an issue even on the one leg. I have a shower bench and keep the walker nearby.

James will be here sometime this afternoon to mow.

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Tuesday April 3, 2022

Sunny and breezy again today with highs in the upper 70’s. A chance of thunderstorms this afternoon and evening.

Still no word from my ortho. The good news is Tim my tech guy picked up a Roku for me at our cable provider and came this afternoon to install it.

Donna is stopping by later this afternoon for a visit and bringing the puppy.

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May 2, 2022

Sunny, breezy, and warm today with temperatures in the lower 70’s.

As I mentioned I saw Dr. Howe last Thursday. I had a call that afternoon from his surgery schedule nurse that my knee replacement date would be June 8th. I called and left a message with his team that I cannot wait another 6 weeks to get my knee replaced. I am still waiting to hear back from them.

Last Thursday before we left for Winston Al ran the dishwasher. A little while after it started running I walked in the kitchen and saw that water was running along the baseboard beside the washer. Al put a towel down to sop up the water. I called George and left a message. He called me back just as we entered Dr. Howe’s office. He was out of town but said he would stop by today.

He was here around midday and has to order a part. I am running the dishwasher again with a towel on the floor to catch the water. The dishwasher is only 5 years old. Guess we will see where this goes.

This morning I fired up my Roku to watch NetFlix. This time it was not the router. I unplugged and plugged in the Roku. No joy. Called Tim. That Roku is at least 10 years old if not older. He said it was the Roku. Since I am housebound plus have not idea what to buy he is going to stop by the local cable company in the morningĀ  to see if they have one in stock and come and install it for me.

The refrigerator is still freezing stuff on the bottom shelf. George said to turn it up one more setting which I did.

Time to jump in a hole and pull the lid in on top of me.

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