Friday arch 15, 2019

I am reading Glass Houses by Louise Penny.

55 degrees with drizzle, fog, and breezy when I left for the gym this morning. The fog was very thick here at the house but there was not any at the gym. I worked my midday shift. The sun came out this afternoon and it’s still in the upper 50’s. The cold front is still on it’s way bringing¬† temperatures down into the upper 20’s by tonight with 50 mph winds and freezing drizzle or snow flurries.

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Thursday March 14, 2019

48 degrees, cloudy, and breezy when I left for the gym this morning. I made a grocery store run, home, shower, change, and back to work.

Cloudy, cool, and drizzle all day. Rain and storms tonight. No wonder. We go from a low tonight of 56 to a low tomorrow night of 26.

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Wednesday March 13, 2019

I am reading Deadfall by Donna Ball.

44 degrees, mostly cloudy, and calm. I drove over to Boone this morning to my Subaru dealership for a free oil change and free State Inspection which I needed done to have my tag renewed in May. I think I get several oil changes when I purchased the car and the state inspection is free for as long as I own the car. I am very impressed with that dealership. Customer service is excellent.


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Tuesday March 12, 2019

34 degrees, sunny, and breezy this morning. I volunteered a shift at the bookstore. More sunshine today but cool temps with a breeze. Still a good day to grill up some extra chicken for the freezer and my hamburger steak for dinner.

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Monday March 11, 2019

I am reading the second book in Linda Greenlaw’s Jane Bunker mystery series Fisherman’s Bend.

44 degrees and cloudy with a slight breeze this morning when I left for the gym. I ran a couple of errands afterward. Temperatures are supposed to make it into the mid 50’s by this afternoon with winds picking up to the standard 15 to 20 mph range and cloudy.

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Sunday March 10, 2019

Happy Birthday Frances.

It was 47 degrees, sunny, and calm this morning. I drove down to Winston to meet Frances, Al, and our friend Marcy for an early lunch at Village Tavern to celebrate Frances’ birthday. When I arrived in Winston it was 42, damp, and cloudy.

We had a nice lunch and visit then I drove back up the mountain. The winds have picked up to 15 to 20 mph but the sun is out and it’s 65 degrees; 10 degrees warmer than in Winston. I need to wash a load of towels and give Colin some attention.

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Saturday March 9, 2019

35 degrees and foggy this morning. Rain this afternoon and tonight with a high today of 40. I had a very large flock of robins in the yard this morning. While winter is far from over here in the mountains we should be trending toward warmer temperatures and just snow showers. We may get another little snow but hopefully nothing significant.

I spent the morning doing a general cleanup, putting things away, and doing a load of laundry . I have some odds and ends chores to take care of this afternoon.

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Friday March 8, 2019

31 degrees, cloudy, and a little bit of snow flying around when I left for the gym. By the time I made it back to work my shift it was snowing steady but not sticking to anything. It snowed from mid morning to around 1 pm before stopping. At one point it was sticking to the grass but not cement. The forecast had been for 1 -3 inches but this morning we narrowed down to less than an inch. Other places around us may have had some accumulation but not here.

It started raining hard just about the time I arrived home to let Colin out. Rain continues tonight but temperatures are supposed to stay in the upper 30’s all night instead of dropping.

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Thursday March 7, 2019

I am reading Vineyard Blues by Philip R. Craig.

24 degrees, partly sunny, and breezy this morning when I went to the gym and the grocery store then back to work my shift. It’s been mostly cloudy all day with temperatures making it into the upper 30’s but it feels cold and damp when I took Colin out late this afternoon.

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Wednesday March 6, 2019

18 degrees, sunny, and windy this morning. I made a trip down to Winston to drop off and pick up a couple of things at Frances and Al’s, made stops at Walmart, Costco for gas, and the bookstore then met Bonnie for lunch at Hero House.

The weather down there was the same except temperatures were in the upper 30’s just not as windy as it is up here. We are currently in the upper 20’s with a wind chill in the teens.

I made it back to Sparta in time for my staff meeting at the gym.

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