Saturday January 9, 2021

24 degrees, sunny, and windy this morning. Wind chill was in the teens. I had about 8 inches of snow here. Today is sunny but cold. Whatever melts today will refreeze tonight with temps going down into the low 20’s.

I managed to get the sheets changed on the bed. Will wash those and a load of laundry but otherwise not much else going on.

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Friday January 8, 2021

It started snowing sometime early in the morning. We had about 3 inches when I let Colin out around 7. The snow is wet and very pretty coming down sticking to all the trees and bushes.

Temperatures are just warm enough to melt it off the roads where the cars have been. I swept off the porch and the two steps. Light snow fell this morning but it is heavier now. No problems to walk  so I did go out to the mail box. Back down into the upper 20’s tonight.

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Thursday January 7, 2021

28 degrees, cloudy, but not wind. White stuff is coming starting tonight and all day tomorrow. Not sure how much and what form it will be.

Back to the chiropractor aggain today. While things were not getting completely better since I stopped going they have become worse. Until I see Dr. Brown again I need to at least do something to make things more bearable.

When driving back down 21 home I pass several cow pastures near the road. In one, several calves where chasing each other around the field  like puppy dogs. So cute to watch.

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Wednesday January 6, 2021

Cold and windy this morning. 28 degrees and sunny but windy. Mid 30’s today and windy.

I had an appointment in Winston yesterday afternoon with my neurologist. Back issues may be related to the infection and some nerve issues. Will not know until I have CT scan and a followup visit. Until then, just have to continue to battle the pain as best I can.

Today I drove back down to Winston for haircut. I did need to make one quick stop while I was down there.

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Monday January 4, 2021

I am reading The Golden Tresses of the Dead by Alan Bradley.

Cold temperatures have returned. Today is sunny but temperatures are on in the upper 30’s with gusty winds.

Gym, drugstore, and grocery store this morning.

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Sunday January 3, 2021

Thick fog this morning has either burned off or been blown away.  It’s sunny and 42 but temperatures will drop as the day goes on back down into the upper 20’s by tonight.

Washed a load of towels, vacuumed, and did a little dusting. More little projects as I feel like it.

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Saturday January 2, 2021

Warm and sunny today but breezy.

Today is laundry day. I continue to work on house projects. Spread sheets and files are all set up for the year. With the nice weather I am grilling up some more chicken to freeze and pork ribs for dinner.

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Friday January 1, 2021

I am reading Cold Earth by Ann Cleeves.

Rainy first day of the year. Temperature was 39 this morning but this afternoon has dropped to just above freezing. At some point it is supposed to warm up. Let’s hope so.

This year I am not able to do my deep clean that I usually do the first of the year. Oh well. Instead I am working on cleaning out and organizing some drawers. Also, pulling old files from the filing cabinet and getting files and spreadsheets set up for the new year.

In between work projects I am watching stuff on NetFlix and Prime.



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Thursday December 31, 2020

I spent most of the morning and this afternoon finalizing a mess with my credit card that was hacked. I reported the fraudulent charges as soon as I made the discovery. The charges will go off in the next couple of days. The credit card company customer service was very helpful today in getting the remaining balance resolved. So was one of my auto payment services that could not bill my card until the charges go off but I needed to get them a payment so my service would not be canceled.

I know everyone had a bad year; mine was horrible. Illness, earthquake, card hacking, etc. I can’t wait to see the back end of this year and the start of a new one.

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Wednesday December 30, 2020

29 degrees this morning with a brisk wind. Rain moving in tonight bringing some warmer temperatures. Thankfully, it will be rain and not white stuff of any kind.

Gym and drug store for today’s activities other the usual odds and end chores around the house.

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