Sunday July 7, 2019

72 degrees, sunny, and calm this morning. After I finished the weekly house cleaning chores we went outside to do some maintenance work on the flowers and garden. No rain yesterday but a lot of black clouds and thunder all afternoon.

I harvested another nice yellow squash from the garden and a small bowl of peas from the deck.That will be dinner with the pork ribs in the crock pot.

The trap was not sprung this morning. Don’t know if that meant the raccoon did not show up or did not go in the trap. I may bait it with meat again tonight.

Even though temperatures are in the low 80’s it’s humid and hot in the sun.

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Saturday July 6, 2019

78 degrees, sunny, and calm this morning.

No fireworks last night just thunderstorms with more rain. Temperatures today are to be in the low 80’s, sunny, and humid and not much of a breeze.

TC brought over a different type of humane trap for me to try tonight.

Odds and ends stuff to do today including a load of laundry. I work inside awhile then go out to do some things outdoors while playing ball with Colin.

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Friday July 5, 2019

I am reading Sleeping Lady by Sue Henry.

68 degrees with clouds and fog when I left for the gym then home and back to work midday shift.

Did not get the raccoon. Trap was sprung and moved from where I had it placed. TC did not stop by last night to bring another trap. I may not bother to set the one I have tonight.

Sun and clouds all day with temperatures only to be in the low 80’s but it’s very humid. We had several storms with gully washing rains at the gym. The rain gauge here shows just half an inch.

Fireworks across the street again this year that went on from 10 until 11:30. Big, booming noisy fireworks. They should have stopped at 11 for those of us who wanted to go to sleep. Colin had a rough night starting at 9 when the little pops and whizzes started until the big show finally stopped.

I harvested a zucchini from the garden this morning to eat for dinner tonight with something?

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Thursday July 4, 2019

68 degrees and mostly cloudy. We had a thunderstorm last evening bringing about an inch and half of rain. Did not get the raccoon. He ate some of the meat and sprung the trap but did not get caught. TC is bringing another trap tonight.

I did not want to start any outdoor projects this morning because of the iffy looking weather. The sun would be out, it would look like it was going to pour, the sun would come back out, etc. It’s thundering right now.

I spent the morning working on paperwork and stuff at my desk. Around noon I drove out to a art in the barn sale at the place where my family used to buy Christmas trees a long time ago. They shut down the Christmas tree business a couple of years ago.

I have beef ribs and chicken to cook on the grill.

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Wednesday July 3, 2019

76 degrees, sunny, and calm this morning when I left for the gym. I made a quick grocery store stop on the way home. I then left again for Galax, VA to pick up some gardening stuff from Lowe’s.

Did not get the raccoon last night. Will try again tonight.

It’s warm and sunny today with a breeze.

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Tuesday July 2, 2019

74 degrees, sunny, and calm this morning. I volunteered at the bookstore this morning.

Something, not necessarily the raccoon, ate the sardines TC put in the trap last night. The trap was not sprung so it either managed to eat the sardines and the trap did not spring or something too light to spring the trap got in and back out. It’s an old humane trap that had a spring door that goes down when the animal gets in there to keep it from escaping.

I called TC this morning to let him know what happened. I guess he will come by tonight and help me bait and reset it again.

Temperatures in the low 80’s and humid this afternoon with a chance of thunderstorms.

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Monday July 1, 2019

74 degrees, sunny, and calm this morning when I left for the gym then I returned to work my usual shift.

When I took Colin out the other night he chased something to the back fence which I suspected was a raccoon. Last night we went out later than usual and the dratted raccoon was hanging on the bird feeder when I opened the wood door. I rattled the storm door to scare him off and waited until he jumped down and started toward the back before I opened the door. I do not want Colin to get in a fight with a raccoon. He took off around the back in pursuit but the raccoon was gone into the back woods by then.

I called my neighbor up the road who trapped the last one to see if he would bring me another trap. It might be tonight or tomorrow night before he can get here.


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Sunday June 30, 2019

74 degrees, mostly sunny, and breezy. I finished the weekly house cleaning chores before Colin and I started our outdoor chores. With temperatures in the upper 70’s and 10 to 15 mph winds it’s a nice day to be outside.

I hoed the weeds in the beds along the driveway and porch and around where the old stump was. Lots of grass is trying to come up in the garden that needed hoed down. I harvested a yellow squash. I have some baby zucchini that may be ready by the end of this week.

I swept off the chair cushions, porch, and cobwebs from around the door and light fixtures. In between those tasks we played ball. Otherwise he just supervises me working.

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Saturday June 29, 2019

78 degrees, sunny, and calm this morning.

Last evening I left here at 5pm to meet Al, Frances, Marcy, and neighbors of Al and Frances down the mountain in East Bend at a very good Italian restaurant. Kitchen Roselli’s serves delicious, authentic Italian food, all made from scratch.

This morning I changed and washed bed linens before leaving around 10:45 to meet Frances and Al in downtown, historic Mt. Airy. We met for lunch at the Loaded Goat then walked around the downtown stores. It was 95 Mt. Airy when I left to arrive back in Sparta at a cool 83 degrees with a slight breeze.

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Friday June 28, 2019

I am reading Flash of Brilliance by Donna Ball.

74 degrees, sunny, and calm this morning when I left for the gym then home and back to work. When I checked the weather for today it was to be in the low to mid 80’s and sunny with a 10% chance of a shower. Around midday the skies turned dark and the rains came off and on the rest of the afternoon. We had about half an inch here at the house.

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