Thursday October 31, 2019

64 degrees with rain and wind when I left for the gym this morning. Library and grocery store stop on the way home. Back to the gym to work.

The weather is nasty with tornado watch, severe thunderstorm warning, and high wind warming. The temperature is still 64 degrees with driving rain off and on all day in waves. We are to drop to 27 degrees tonight. Not sure if that is before or after the moisture gets out of here so we may have snow along with all the other weather features before the day is over. This is all hitting about the time for Trunk or Treat to start. I think they moved it from the park to the shelter at the fair grounds last I heard. Either way, it’s a mess out there.

So far I’ve had over 3 inches since yesterday morning.

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Wednesday October 30, 2019

55 degrees with fog and rain. Trip to Winston this morning for a haircut and lunch with Tina and Lori. It rained most of the trip down until I was just outside the Winston city limits. It started rain just as we finished up lunch and I was walking back to my car. It rained all the way home but no fog on the mountain.

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Tuesday October 29, 2019

I am reading Cold Company by Sue Henry.

54 degrees with fog when we out this morning. Today was volunteer day at the bookstore. Downtown Sparta streets and sidewalks are torn up while they are replacing old water and sewer pipes before they do a revitalization project. Bottom line, it’s a mess. But, I had a surprising number of folks in this morning.

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Monday October 26, 2019

44 degrees with lots of sunshine this morning when I left for the gym.

Did not work today. We had an appreciation luncheon for the bookstore volunteers at 12:30 at the library. It’s turned into another warm day with temperatures in the upper 60’s again. I had to turn AC back on yesterday afternoon.

The hard rain we had Saturday night washed some of the top soil I had been adding to the garden. This morning I turned over the soil with the pitch fork to work it into the dirt before the next round of rain coming in later this week.

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Sunday October 27, 2019

After spending the rest of the afternoon getting things reorganized downstairs we went to the Mexican restaurant for dinner. The promised rain started while we were eating dinner. During the night and early this morning it poured down. I had a total of 3.5 inches. The winds also howled papering the lawn with a cover of leaves.

Frances and Al left around noon for Winston. I hauled out the vacuum to get the worst of the dog hair, etc. It’s warmed today, high of 66 with lots of sunshine but still breezy.

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Saturday October 26, 2019

After I put in a load of clothes to wash I worked on repotting the plants Donna gave me on Wednesday while I was waiting on Frances and Al to get here. Temperatures this morning were in the upper 50’s and partly cloudy skies. We did not get the rain last night and this morning as predicted. We are supposed to get rain this afternoon and tonight. We’ll see.

Once they arrived we went downstairs to work on getting their room put back together. This afternoon we have some more indoor/outdoor projects to work.

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Friday October 25, 2019

I worked out at the gym, came home, and back to work. Another cool start to the day at 44 degrees and a high of 59. Cloudy all day, the rain is supposed to move in this evening.

So far I have not turned on the heat. I am so warm natured that I am comfortable in the house at 65 degrees which is the lowest it has gone so far. The house is very well insulated and even on those cold days, with the sunshine, the temperature stayed right at 68 which is where I keep it set.

The only time I turn it up to 70 is when it’s in the single digits outside and cloudy or snowing. Guess I may turn it on this evening since the rain is due in to keep the house from becoming too damp.


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Thursday October 24, 2019

I am reading Dead North by Sue Henry.

34 degrees, sunny, and a heavy frost this morning when I left for the gym. Grocery store stop on the way home then back to work.

Another beautiful fall day in the mountains with cool temperatures and lots of sunshine. James did not mow last week. He mowed today. With all the rain and sunshine the grass greened up and grew a lot in the last week. He will have to mow a couple more times for both height and leaves that have not yet fallen.

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Wednesday October 23, 2019

44 degrees and sunny this morning when I left for the gym. After my workout I drove to Galax, VA to go to Wal-Mart. On the way home two deer ran out in front of me on the two lane shortcut that goes from 18 over to 89. This is a residential/commercial area not farm land.

It is a beautiful day with lots of sunshine, temperatures in the upper 50’s and a breeze. The cool nights have finally turned some of the trees.

This afternoon I went over to Donna’s to get some ground cover she cultivated for me to plant. I stayed about an hour visiting and checking out the goats, bunnies, and ducks. They live at the end of a dirt road with lots of open pasture land just before you get to their house. As I was leaving there were about 15 deer standing in the field by their property.

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Tuesday October 22, 2019

59 degrees with fog and drizzle this morning when I took Colin out.

It started pouring buckets of rain while I was volunteering at the bookstore this morning. That front has blown out of here bringing sunshine and wind. Temperatures are supposed to fall all afternoon with a low tonight in the upper 30’s. I had a little over half an inch here at the house.

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