Monday May 13, 2019

I am reading Shiver Hitch by Linda Greenlaw.

57 degrees and cloudy with 20 mph wind gusts when I left for the gym this morning. Temperatures barely made it into the 60’s today with lots of gusty winds and partly cloudy skies.

I worked a shift at the gym today.

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Sunday May 12, 2019

62 degrees and cloudy this morning. Another day of off and on rain showers. We’ve had about 2 inches since yesterday morning. Thankfully, no thunderstorms. High today of only 67 and a low tonight back down into the upper 40’s.

I did the usual house cleaning chores this morning, tidied my desk, and took care of the weekly bills and paperwork. I have a batch of homemade bread rising on the counter, chicken in the crock pot for dinner, and load of towels in the washer.

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Saturday May 11, 2019

65 degrees and raining this morning. Rain, thunderstorms, and chilly temperatures today and tonight.

Despite the nasty day I went over to the local farmer’s market this morning. The bookstore is setting up a table this year with gardening, herb, and cooking books. Instead of selling them we are just asking for a donation. We are doing it more for publicity for us and to support the local market. At least it’s covered and has a poured cement floor with room for 20 or so vendors, usually the same ones every week, selling a few crafts, veggie plants, baked goods, etc.

I’m a backup person for the couple that are doing it every week so I went over to check it out and see where we set up.

Laundry this afternoon and assorted other projects.


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Friday May 10, 2019

61 degrees, cloudy, and calm this morning when I left for the gym. Despite the mostly cloudy skies during the day no rain making it only the 4th dry Friday here in Sparta out of 16. Temperatures made it into the low 70’s.

I worked my midday shift at the gym.

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Thursday May 9, 2019

It was 61 degrees, cloudy, and calm this morning when I left for the gym. Grocery store stop on the way back home then back to the gym to work.

Cloudy with the wind picking up this afternoon but fortunately the rain held off so James could mow the lawn. The rain is supposed to come in tonight.



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Wednesday May 8, 2019

62 degrees, sunny, and calm this morning when I left for the gym. From there I drove over to Galax, VA to go to Lowe’s to pick up a couple of things I needed for house and garden projects.

One of the plants went in the wire planter on the porch and one in a pot by the garage door. It was time for a shower, lunch, and back into town for a staff meeting.


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Tuesday May 7, 2019

62 degrees, sunny, and calm this morning. I volunteered at the bookstore this morning. We had a 30% chance of rain today with a high in the upper 60’s. The 30% started falling about 1 o’clock. It’s still raining lightly but the sun looks like it’s trying to come back out.

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Monday May 6, 2019

A cool 58 degrees, sunny, and calm this morning when I left for the gym. I had a couple of errands to run on the way back home.

This afternoon I went back into town for a Friends of the Library meeting.

A beautiful day today with temperatures in the low 70’s, a bit of a breeze, and lots of sunshine.


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Sunday May 5, 2019

Frances and I had a potting party yesterday afternoon while Al worked on moving two of my indoor plants to bigger pots. The Philodendron needed a lot of work including a new stake Al had to cut. The rain held off until it was time to quite for the day anyway and get showers to go out to dinner. We filled all the hanging pots and the ones that sit on the porch steps and most of the ones that went in the flower beds.

This morning it was raining with temperatures in the lower 60’s. We had a break in the rain around 9:30 to give us a chance to get the mulch spread where the stump used to be and plant a sweet potato vine and a couple of perennials that attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

We cleaned up the garage from the potting project. I had just finished getting a the rest of the plants in the flower beds when we had another round of light rain move in.

The sun is trying to come out now. They headed back to Winston and I vacuumed the upstairs. Time for a shower and do a load of towels.

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Saturday May 4, 2019

68 degrees, sunny, and calm this morning. I did a load of laundry and tidied the kitchen while waiting on Frances and Al to get here.

After lunch we went into town to Scott’s nursery and Hawks produce to pick up bedding and hanging pot plants. We’ve had off and on cloud cover with the rain coming in late this afternoon. The percentage and severity of the storms has gone down some from this morning’s forecast for this afternoon and tonight.

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