Sunday March 22, 2020

40 degrees, cloudy, and breezy this morning. A high today of only 45 with cloudy skies. Rain tonight with a low in the upper 30’s.

House cleaning chores this morning. I have a load of the towels in the washer while I straighten up my desk and do a few things here. Chicken stir fry for dinner tonight.

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Saturday March 21, 2020

I am reading The Day of Small Things by Vicki Lane.

Last night I started watching The English Game on Netflix. Written by Julian Fellowes of Downton Abbey fame. It’s a period piece on the history of football and how it eventually became a game for all social classes. I have a couple more episodes left to watch tonight.

51 degrees with partly cloudy skies and breezy. High today may reach 60. Skies are partly cloudy and its breezy but no rain as formerly predicted.

I did the weekly laundry load this morning and did some more stuff in the garage. After lunch I drove down to the church and walked the parking lot.


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Friday March 20, 2020

Thanks to all of you from Daynotes who have been checking in. Much appreciated. We have plenty of canned food and meat in the freezer. And, of course, lots of rice, macaroni, instant potatoes, noodles, etc.

61 degrees with mostly cloudy skies and breezy. Colin and I spent about 3 hours this morning outside. I moved the two perennials I had planted in the back in the old stump location to the front bed along the driveway. They were not getting enough sun. Both asters needed the dead stuff cut back. One has become too big for it’s current spot. I moved it to the bed in front of the porch. It may need to be split next year. Colin ran around the yard as I went back and forth down to the woods to dump the wheel barrow.

I did a few more chores in the garage while it was warm enough to have the door open. The other stuff I need to do I can work on with the door closed.

Speaking of which. Rain/thunderstorms this afternoon and tonight to be followed by cooler temperatures.


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Thursday March 19, 2020

57 degrees with partly sunny skies. I drove down to the parking lot to do my walk. I parked the car in the driveway when I got back home. I swept out the car side of the garage and a little of the other side. I need to move all the flower pots before I can the rest of that side.

I washed the car, finally. Even though rain is in the forecast for the rest of the week the car will be in the garage. I have not plans to go anywhere. For a change of scenery I can walk across the street and around the gas station parking lot or up the street to the empty lot.

I miss going to the gym to work out and to work. It not only gets me out of the house but keeps me interacting with people and fills in the days. Colin is not much of a conversationalist. I like the weekends being housebound but this situation will soon get old even staying busy with projects.


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Wednesday March 18, 2020

47 degrees, foggy, and damp when I left for the church parking lot. I walked my usual 30 minutes then came home and did some weight work in the garage.

I left around 11:30 for Winston. I stopped in to pick up my new glasses. Joey said they were just told by the CDC to cancel all routine appointments and only schedule medical situations. He said they may even have to close the optical side.

From there I did stop at Pet Smart to pick up another bag of dog food. They had a cart washing station with spray disinfectant at the door. There was only a couple of people in the store. I then went for my haircut appointment and headed home.

Winston was sunny and warm with temperatures in the low 60’s. Back here it’s 50, cloudy. and damp.

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Tuesday March 17, 2020

I am reading Scotched by Kaitlyn Dunnett.

49 degrees and damp this morning. I did open the bookstore this morning. Only had two people come in. A couple more came in at shift change. I had phone conversations with Joyce. We canceled this weekends half price sale and will most likely close up after Saturday for next week.

I stopped at the library to pick up a book. They will most likely close in the next day or so to foot traffic but will be available to take book reserves and other materials out to people’s cars as needed.

The gym closed for two weeks starting today. I will have to come up with alternative workout routines here at home. One option is driving to the church down the street. They have a very large parking lot I can walk. I have some hand weights here at the house I can use though they are not as heavy as the ones I use when I walk the track at the gym. I mainly want to keep up with my cardio and weight training as best I can.


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Monday March 16, 2020

Another cold and drizzly day. I had a dentist appointment at 8:15 for a cleaning this morning. I came back home, did a few things, then off to work my usual shift.

Our gym manager was making a decision about closing when I left. We were steady busy all day. It was mostly high school kids but a lot of our regulars including seniors. Most come to walk on the little track but we never have more than 8 to 10 people in there at one time during my shift anyway. A few of restaurants have closed or doing take out only.

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Sunday March 15, 2020

Today is cool and damp with rain and temperatures in the mid to upper 40’s.  Low 30’s tonight and rain.

The usual house cleaning chores this morning otherwise a quiet day.

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Saturday March 14, 2020

44 degrees, cloudy, and calm this morning. Mostly cloudy all day with temperatures possibly making it to 50. Rain and mid 40’s tonight.

All but one of the smoke alarms in the house are electrical with 9 volt battery backup thus no need to replace the batteries every year. The one that was in the ceiling of the downstairs was not wired and did not get ruined when we had the flood. The new drop down ceiling made it hard to put back up on the ceiling so we put that one on the wall above a door.

At 1:30 this morning one of the downstairs started beeping. I found the culprit in the guest bedroom. That one and the one in Frances and Al’s bedroom have not had the batteries replaced since we moved in. While I was replacing I did that one and the non-wired one,

This morning I started some seeds in pots in the garage; two types of Forget Me Not’s, more butterfly weed, and some zucchini. The first round of butterfly weed did not germinate. I used seed starting soil this time for all of them. I swept up around the gardening table and the garage doors and tidied up a bit out there.


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Friday March 13, 2020

I am reading A Grave in the Cotswolds by Rebecca Tope.

59 degrees and raining this morning when I left for the gym, home, and back to work. The sun came out mid morning with the winds picking up. Upper 50’s today and back down into the upper 30’s tonight.

Whew, it’s been a long week working the extra couple of days due to being short staffed. Not related the current virus outbreak. So far, we are not closing the gym. School system is remaining open but has canceled all after school activities. I had a statewide Friends of the Library meeting in Gastonia tomorrow but that was canceled.


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