Sunday June 7, 2020

Another sunny, warm day with temperatures in the upper 70’s and breezy.

I managed to get the load of towels washed and dried but that about is for the day,

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Saturday June 6, 2020

Al, happy birthday to a great brother-in-law. Also, remembering Bob 6/6/53. Miss you everyday.

Warm, breezy, and some partly cloudy skies. All I managed to do today was the laundry and that was a chore. Back acting up bad today. Don’t know what makes it goes south on some days and tolerable on others.

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Friday June 5, 2020

We had a thunderstorm last night about 9. Fortunately, I had just taken him out. We had 2.5 inches of rain in the gauge. It didn’t last long but Colin was not a happy camper in more ways than one. He liked to either climb on top of me or get behind me, neither of which he can do with my back issues. After several stern nos he found a place by the bed to shelter.

Back has been bad today. I did have to drive over to the Dr. office to pick up my pain med prescription and take it to the pharmacy. I just wait in the car on the other side of the building until its ready.

We may get more thunderstorms and heavy rain this afternoon,

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Thursday June 4, 2020

Al drove up last night after dinner.

This morning he drove me down to Winston for my much needed haircut appointment then we went to Costco. I had to use one of the motorized carts because it was took much walking all over the store. I found most of what I was looking for. Of course we were all wearing masks.

Al unloaded and put the stuff away when we got home then he planted those potatoes I ordered a month ago that finally came last week. It may be too late, but oh well, give it try.

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Wednesday June 3, 2020

Warm and breezy today with temperatures in the low 80’s.

post office and the drugstore. I did the bank from the teller window and Doug at the library bough out my book to my car maintaining the 6 ft distance rule,

This afternoon the back was still being cranky but I went out and watered the pots and in ground plants filling the watering can half full. Supposed to rain sometime tomorrow or Friday but things were looking dry. I guess rest is the order for the afternoon.


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Tuesday June 2, 2020

68 degrees and breezy with blue skies. Another beautiful day. It’s warmed up into the upper 70’s with lot of sunshine.

Did a few things in the kitchen between resting the back to try to keep things tidy as possible. Try to keep Colin entertained. He doesn’t understand why we can’t play. I try to give him plenty of time to sniff around outside and check all his favorite spots.

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Monday June 1, 2020

58 degrees, sunny, and calm. Lots of sunshine and blue skies.

Not much going on.

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Sunday May 31, 2020

66 degrees and sunny with a breeze. Partly cloudy and cool today with temps in the upper 60’s.

I had first of the month stuff to do at my this morning. The shots still have not kicked in or doing what ever they are supposed to be doing. I have a system now. Once the pain meds kick in I do a few chores. This morning I washed a load of towels and managed to clean the toilets and sinks.

Then I rest up and do a few more things in the afternoon.


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Saturday May 30, 2020

I am reading a Clubbable Woman by Reginald Hill. This is the first book in his Dalziel and Pascoe British series that Bob and I read many years ago, I have some on the bookshelves and can get the others from the library but I decided I wanted to reread the series interspersed with my other series I have going on. They also made a TV show from the series.

68 degrees, sunny, and calm. We had a brief spell of hard rain last night but there was only half an inch in the rain gauge.

A lovely, warm day with temperatures in the mid 70’s.  I managed to get a load of laundry done but that’s about it.

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Friday, May 29, 2020

Damp and cloudy this morning. More of the same today. Clouds, periods of rain, temps in the mid 60’s.

I did sleep better last night I guess due to the injections. But, the lower back pain is bad today. It takes several days for the injections to work from deep inside where the issues are. In the meantime treat it with pain meds to stay functional.

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