Saturday September 19, 2020

Al’s gone to Winston today. I have JoAnn sitting with me today until Al gets back,

Yesterday OT came to give me a bath using my new shower bench, Worked great but I will only use it for right now with them here.

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Thursday September 17, 2020

I am reading Death at Glamis  Castle by Robin Paige.

Hurrican Sally made landfall sometime this morning then is headed for us in the Carolina’s.  Al had to cancel his plans to go to Winston and my friends canceled theirs to come up here for a visit. Heavy rain and winds is not a good day to drive to the mountains,

I had OT and the nurse come today.

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Wednesday September 16, 2020

Visits today from the case manager from Yadkin Valley Home Health and OT to give me a bath.

I also had an interview with Home Instead to see if they can help me find some sitters.

A nice sunny day. Al has had Colon playing and helping the yard.

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Tuesday September 15, 2020

Still hobbling along on the walker. I can put a little weight on the leg but only bu using my arms as support.

We are keeping it iced down to reduce the swelling. Otherwise, not much I can right now.

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Monday September 14, 2020

Home health folks have started their visits again. Today I had nurse, OT,  PT. We decided a sponge bath is best for now since i cannot put any weight on the leg without the brace. I just ordered a shower bench that has two legs in the shower and two out. That way I can just sit down and slide over into the shower.

PT is helping me get my leg to bend at least 60 degrees and get stronger before the replacement goes in.

I am working on finding day time sitters. I may have found night time. But for right now I need help doing everything.

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Saturday September 12, 2020

The surgery went as expected. They removed the infected knee. I have spacers with antibiotics . The big bandage can come off Tuesday. Not sure when the staples come out.
I can use the leg to touch down for balance but that’s all right now while on the walker.

And I am back on picc line antibiotics.

As things move along I can put a little more weight on it to help strengthen the leg.

Frances and Al are here for the weekend butt I am having to find daytime sitters to help me do stuff. Hopefully I have a couple of folks lined up to come for an interview.

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Monday September 7, 2020

Another warm, sunny day. After lunch Bonnie and I drove into town to the drugstore. She’s working in the yard doing plant things.

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Sunday September 6, 2020

Bonnie cleaned the bathrooms and vacuumed. We dd a load of towels. That took care of the usual Sunday chores.

It’s another nice day with temperateness  in the mid 70’s, sunny and breezy. I walked four laps around the driveway yesterday afternoon.



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Saturday September 5, 2020

A leisurely day. Bonnie helped me do my laundry. She sat outside on the porch and read. I am working crossword puzzles and taking it easy. I get up and walk around every hour or so in the house.

Yet another warm day with a breeze. This is the longest period we’ve gone without rain.

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Friday September 4, 2020

Bonnie and I left for Winston at 6am this morning for my 8 am pre-op appointment for my knee surgery next Tuesday. I was there about an hour and a half then we headed back up the mountain.

Another warm, sunny, breezy day.

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