Saturday April 10, 2021

I am reading Killing with Confetti by Peter Lovesey.

Thunderstorm yesterday afternoon with pea sized hail followed by more thunderstorms in the evening. Colin was not happy. More this afternoon ahead of a cold front.

Not much else going on. The usual laundry and small chores.


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Friday April 9, 2021

Another warm and sunny day. Thunderstorms possible this afternoon.

I drove down to Winston this morning. After I dropped off a couple of things at Frances and Al’s and visited for a little while I left there and drove over to pick up my glasses. Things seem to be a little better with the new prescription. We’ll see how it goes as I get used to them.



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Thursday April 8,, 2021

Cloudy and breezy today but still warm. A small chance of rain or a thunderstorm the rest of the day.

I volunteered at the bookstore for about three hours. We were fairly busy with it being a nice day to get out and about in town.


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Wednesday April 7, 2021

Another warm, sunny day. We will get spoiled with this nice weather. It will turn cool again before all is said and done.

I went to the gym and the grocery store. The shelves are looking pretty well stocked now though some things are still low or not available but I usually find what I need. With only one grocery store in town Food Lion does a very good job.

Changed and washed the sheets. Colin and I will do a couple of outdoor play times to take advantage of the nice weather.

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Tuesday April 6, 2021

I am reading Word To The Wise by Jenn McKinlay.

Another beautiful day. I took advantage of the nice day to get a couple of small projects out of the way. First thing this morning I cleaned out the remaining seed in the house bird feeder on the pole then gave it a good cleaning out with the hose.

While that dried I went into town to pick up a can of spray paint and make an appointment to get the ding in my car fixed that I did accidentally on the way to the gym yesterday. The road to the gym is very narrow. At the sharp curve I moved over because a car was over the line a bit  and hit a large rock I did not see on the side of the road. I scratched and dented a place under the front door.

Back home I spray painted the feeder. After a break to rest my back and eat lunch it was back outside. I have a small metal dish that hangs on a short pole on three chains with a bird in the middle. I keep it filled with water for the birds and butterflies. I still had a small can of black enamel paint on hand. I touched up that and the two iron tables that sit on the front porch. Some of paint was peeling off showing the original white.


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Monday April 5, 2021

Sunny, calm, and warm with temps reaching 70 degrees.

I went to the gym and drugstore this morning. I’v had Colin out for a couple of play times and to enjoy the nice weather.

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Sunday April 4, 2021

Another nice day with lots of sunshine and upper 60’s but we have those 10 to 15 mph winds.

Cleaned the bathrooms, vacuumed, dusted, and washed a load of towels. Had Colin out to play a little ball.

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Saturday April 3, 2021

A nicer day today. Sunshine, light winds, and temps in the mid 50’s.

A quiet day. I did the laundry and a few odds and ends.

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Friday April 2, 2021

I am reading A Killing Kindness by Reginald Hill.

Snow flurries off and on all day yesterday. Of course, nothing stuck. Today is cold and windy again though gusts are down in the 15 mph range. It was 21 this morning with a wind chill in the single digits. We may reach the mid 30’s by this afternoon.

I went to the gym to walk and do light weight work.

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Thursday April 1, 2021

Sunny but brutal outside today. 50 mph wind gusts with temps in the mid 30’s. Wind chill is down in the teens.

I decided not to go to the bookstore. Just too cold and windy for me to get out. Instead I did the first of the month accounting and paid some bills. And there is always the odds and ends household chores to keep up with.

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