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Another warm day. We tied the record high yesterday with 82 degrees. Spotty rain and storms this afternoon so that may have kept the temperatures down some today. We had rain downtown but no rain this side of town at … Continue reading

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Not sure if we set a record high for today or not but it is pretty darn hot for March. I know it made into the low 80’s. Shorts and t-shirts outdoors in the middle of March. I had Colin … Continue reading

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I love the extra daylight hours, I hate what the time change does to my body. I slept very¬†poorly¬†last night which I always do when the time changes. Between not getting much sleep and loosing the hour I was fighting … Continue reading

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House cleaning this morning. After I finished up I took Colin out with me to run around while I picked up sticks, etc. He ran and ran and ran; up the driveway, down around the back of house, across the … Continue reading

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Dinner out last night with Frances and the folks. We celebrated mom and dad’s 66th wedding anniversary and Frances’ birthday which is actually today. Her and Al had plans so we did the family thing last night. Having dinner out … Continue reading

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I am reading Gone West, a new Daisy Dalrymple mystery by Carola Dunn. I like the Daisy series. They are nice, light, cozy’s set in the post WWI era in London. When Dunn started the series in 1994 it was … Continue reading

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Windy and cold today with gusts up to 35 and 40 mph. We did not get the promised rain/snow showers predicted for last night and this morning. Mother nature added insult to injury by dumping three inches of snow on … Continue reading

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House cleaning this morning then Bob and I made a Costco run. When Paul and Mary are not going with us we go in the morning. Since we had plenty of room in the car we stocked up on a … Continue reading

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A busy end to the week. I finally made it to the Y on Thursday night. Last night I had the usual library and grocery store stops to make on the way home. We watched the first two episodes of … Continue reading

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