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I took yesterday afternoon off to use up the remaining carry over hours. I make a quick trip to the grocery store then we spent the rest of the afternoon doing kits. I have been working on cleaning out closets, … Continue reading

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I went to the Y tonight having missed Tuesday night going out to dinner with Frances and Marcy. We had a good time. The food was very good Italian. Last night and tonight I am putting labels on bottles while … Continue reading

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I am taking the last of my carry over vacation days today. The weekends have been so busy this month. I was not expecting to have yard work this early in the year plus the usual house chores, visiting my … Continue reading

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I am reading Cat’s Claw, a new China Bayles mystery by Susan Wittig Albert. Bob and I are watching a new series, Land Girls, set in WWII. Season one ran 2009 with five episodes then they took a break before … Continue reading

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Heavy rain and storms last night and this morning. We had  a couple of power glitches last night and about five or six this morning. I worked in my office until the power appeared to be stable before starting the … Continue reading

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It was a busy end to the week with lots of big projects landing on my desk. Thursday night was Y night. Last night Bob and I went to Zoe’s for dinner. I was too tired to go to the … Continue reading

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It is wayyyyyy to early in the year to start the mowing every four days routine. But, that is what I just finished up doing. I mowed Saturday and this evening the thick high places looked like they had grown … Continue reading

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I am reading a new mystery author, Tasha Alexander. She is similar to both Deana Raybourn and Anne Perry in writing and the Victorian England setting. And Only to Deceive, the first book in the series, introduces us to Emily who becomes … Continue reading

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Busy day. I did the weekly house cleaning including helping Bob move half a warehouse of kit stuff from the middle of my living room to the downstairs that had been sitting there for a couple of months. After I … Continue reading

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day. I am not wearing green but I just finished mowing “the green”. This morning I ironed and cleaned up my desk. I also changed the linens and went from flannel to cotton; pretty early in the … Continue reading

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