Thursday January 24, 2013

Dad called this morning at 7:30. Mom was trying to get to take her to the hospital. She would not get up and get dressed to go down for breakfast, etc. I told him to leave her in bed and go on down to breakfast.

I ate my breakfast and headed over there on the way to work. I talked with dad a few minutes downstairs. On of the on-site managers saw me and asked how mom was doing. I told him what was going on. He sent a bowl of oatmeal up with me for her to eat.

I managed to get her to get up and go in the kitchen. While she ate I talked to her about why she was feeling like she was and that the medications would take a few days to start working to make her feel better. She eventually got dressed to go up to the 3rd floor for her 9:30 hair appointment. I talked with dad a few minutes, rode up to the 3rd floor with mom, then left for work. The last three weeks have been pretty rough for Frances, Al, Bob, and me.

On the way I stopped at the¬†upholstery place to pick up the newly covered cushions. I will post pictures this weekend. They look really nice. I worked ’til 5 then went to the Y for a quick workout.

Cold and windy today. The forecast is for nasty stuff in the form of ice/sleet/snow to come in tomorrow afternoon. We’ll see. It is hard to predict our weather because we are so close to the mountains.


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