Friday January 25, 2013

It started precipitating earlier than they expected with some areas getting frozen stuff at 9am. It was not supposed to start until at least noon or later in the afternoon.

Of the small percentage of people who did show up for work  at regular time many of them left mid-morning when it started snowing/sleeting/ heavier. As the morning went on more folks took off for home. I had lunch plans with my friend on the 11th floor. Since neither of us planned to leaving until at least mid-afternoon we went on to lunch at 11:45. It was not doing much when we walked up the street but when we came out of the restaurant 45 minutes later it was sleeting pretty hard. The sidewalks were getting slick but the roads were still just slushy.

I stayed until 3 then decided to head on out before the roads got too crowded with whatever was left of rush hour traffic. The main roads varied from slushy covered to just wet. The neighborhood road was solid covered in frozen stuff. We were supposed to get snow this afternoon but for now everything has moved on out. With the Trooper in 4 wheel I did not have any problems.

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