Sunday January 27, 2013





Above, the new sofa and love seat cushions.

And…the hits just keep coming. Just as I finished up yesterday’s post around 11:15 and jumped in the shower Bob came in the bathroom to let me know Frances had called. Mom had fallen in the apartment. They had called EMS to come patch her up but when they got there decided she should go to the hospital because of a nasty gash on her jaw. At her age they also wanted to make sure she did not break anything.

So, off I go to Forsyth Hospital. She was lying on the bed in the ER saying over and over again I just fell, I just fell. All the CT and x-rays came back negative but she was talking way out of her head. I explained things to the doctor and asked them to hold her for a mental health eval.

While waiting for all that to happen Frances took dad back to their place while I went to meet up with the real estate agent. After I finished up with him I went back to the hospital just in time to catch the mental health lady. After an extensive interview they moved her from an ER room to a holding room in another section for further mental health evaluations. I stuck around while they got her settled, asked if they needed anything like a health care POA which I had in the car, etc. They said she would stay with them over night and a decision would be made this morning what to do.

I called Frances and Bob to let them know I was on the way to pick up food for our dinner, clothing, and would be back to stay the night with dad. With his heart condition we do not want to leave him alone at night. I was almost home when my phone rang. It was the hospital needing the health care POA right away as they were moving her to the 9th floor. I came straight home, grabbed clothing, and headed back to the hospital with the POA. From there I made a quick stop at a drive through then on to the apartment.

Frances and Al came to relieve me at noon. I will regroup and get things done this afternoon then make necessary plans for tomorrow.

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