Tuesday January 29, 2013

I am reading a new Margaret Maron, Deborah Knott mystery, The Buzzard Table.

I worked yesterday then picked dad up at 5:20. We went out for dinner, ran an errand, then back to the apartment. Last week I had a jury duty summons for Today. When I called last night to see if I had to report I was much relieved that I did not. I did not need that aggravation with every thing else going on. Frances is staying with dad tonight.

And, it was a good thing I did not have jury duty today. We are extremely busy right now with a lot “need it yesterday” projects going on. I went to the Y after work. Tomorrow night is my turn again.

I just spoke with Frances. She and dad went to see her tonight. Mom is making a lot of progress. The doctors have determined her acute bronchitis and lung issues may have caused all her other problems. They started her on IV antibiotics this morning and ran some more tests today.

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