Tuesday May 21, 2013

Last night around 8:30 I got a call from the Brian Center letting me know dad has some irregular lab results and wanted to send him to the hospital because he was in acute renal failure. I told them to go ahead and transport, called Frances, and headed off to the hospital. For the past week dad has not been eating along with some nasty vomiting and diarrhea which resulted in him being very dehydrated. His levels were high but not excessively compared to what they were the last time he left the hospital.

In the ER was requested dad be put on the palliative care floor which they did. His preliminary results showed another infection somewhere; he was already being treated for a UTI. We got up to the floor just after mid-night. After getting him settled in and answering nurses questions we headed for home. I got home around 1:30, asleep maybe by 2am, and back up at 6:45. Frances and I were meeting with the doctor this morning to get a full medical report and see what our options are.

While dad is certainly terminal with heart and kidney failure he is not critical. Once he is re-hydrated they will send him back to Brian Center. We will have hospice and palliative care on board to help up manage his illnesses.

Although I was pretty much exhausted by 5pm after trying to get as much work done as I could I still decided to make a trip back to the Y after a two week absence. I really need my gym fix with this other mess in my life.

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