Wednesday May 22, 2013

I met with dad’s doctor this afternoon at 3:30 to fill out a new form that outlines how we want to handle his medical treatment for here on out. Dad had a really good day today. When the doctor called me this morning to set up the appointment she said dad was in good spirits. When I arrived at the hospital this afternoon he was sitting in his chair. The doctor said he had been up about 51/2 hours. He ate a pretty good lunch and had drunk several glasses of iced tea and some coffee. He was lucid at times and confused at others when I went in to visit with him. His kidneys are pretty much shot but are still functioning. He should go back to the Brian Center tomorrow. We are enlisting the help of hospice/palliative care to help in his treatment.

I finished up with my meeting then came home to mow the lawn.

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