Sunday May 26, 2013

I worked more on my office this morning before starting the weekly house cleaning chores. My desk is cleared and the mounds of paper I have collected from my parents affairs is stacked to be sorted. I had it all organized in folders after we moved them in Creekside including what I needed to do the early on business transactions from their filing cabinet when we cleaned it out. But, since the first of the year, I have accumulated more medical papers on both of them plus some other documents that I need to sort. Yesterday when I went over to the apartment I brought back more documents that needed to be gone through. At least, other than the sale of the house, most of the odds and ends that I had to handle are finalized.

I had planned to do a few more things in the yard this afternoon but we had an unexpected rain shower this morning. Instead I will save those chores for tomorrow and work on kit stuff for Bob this afternoon.

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