Saturday May 25, 2013

I spent all day yesterday filling and labeling bottles for kits. It was a nice day outside but very windy. Around 3:30 I went to see dad then to the bank and grocery store.

Today is also gorgeous with temperatures in the low to mid 70’s and breezy but not as bad as yesterday. This morning I used trimmed all the bushes using the gas trimmer then swept and raked up the clippings and other debris in the natural areas. While I did that Bob took dad his clean laundry and stayed for a visit. Bob said he was doing pretty good this morning. I finished up around noon in the yard and just before Bob got back from visiting dad.

This afternoon Frances and I are meeting over at the apartment to do some things for mom then we are taking her out for dinner. Cheddars restaurant chain has opened a new one here in Winston.

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