Thursday May 30, 2013

I had planned to leave a little early from work late yesterday afternoon and go by to see dad. Instead, I got bombed around 3:45 with some things that had to get done ASAP. About the time I had things under control Marcy called from the nursing home. She was visiting dad and called with some requests. So, I made a couple of stops on the way home to pick up the requested items which Bob delivered today.

He called me after his visit to report dad was having a really good day today. Since Marcy was going again late this afternoon I decided to go on to the Y as planned. Marcy also made a quick call on mom this afternoon before she went over to see dad. Frances and I try to visit when there are not other people making visits if we can mainly because the room is so darn small and he can enjoy one on one with whomever is that at the time.

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