Sunday July 21, 2013

I finished up the weekly house cleaning chores then took off to play nine holes of golf at Heather Hills. This short executive course just reopened after being closed for about five years. Hitting balls at the range is fine but it is not a substitute for playing. I used it more or less as a practice round playing several balls to practice shots, chipping, putting, etc. I was following several groups with no one behind me so I could take my time and not catch up the the groups ahead. With temperatures in the high 80’s and high humidity, even on a short course nine was enough for today.

We have a momma robin in residence on the window ledge of Bob’s workroom window. She was on the nest this morning when I went in to get the vacuum cleaning from the closet. When I went to put it away she has flown off so I got close enough to check the nest to see two eggs. Bob’s table he works on to fill bottles is sitting in the middle of the room so hopefully she does not mind it when he is in there working. Perhaps when they hatch Bob can get a picture of them in the nest.


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