Saturday July 20, 2013

Dinner last night at Carrabba’s. Frances picked up mom after work and I met them there along with seven of mom and dads’ friends. Some of them still work at Baptist hospital, others were volunteers or worked there and have moved on. One man just lost his wife a couple of months ago. They used to meet regularly for dinner or to celebrate birthdays. Frances and/or I had to take them so we became part of the group by default. The group had stopped getting together sometime last year but between moving them and this year’s health issues I doubt they would have been unable to attend. I had lunch last Friday with one of the ladies and she suggested we get the group back together. Several of them attended dad’s memorial service.

It’s been a busy Saturday morning. I gave Colin a much needed bath. I think the last time we tried  back in April we bailed because he all of sudden became afraid to go in the shower. He was not happy this morning but I more or less forced him to go in.

I them left to run several errands including the library and grocery store. This afternoon more work in my office. We are getting a thunderstorm right now. It is still very warm and muggy out. I am getting ready to do some kit stuff for Bob until time to fix dinner.

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