Friday December 27, 2013

My new foyer table.

IMGP0916-smallChristmas day at mom’s.

IMGP0919-smallI had errands to run this morning. This afternoon I started working on the basement. I moved all the cinder blocks and boards we dumped on the far side of the garage when we inherited the wood bookshelf from the neighbors back in July when they moved. There was another pile of cinder blocks and assorted junk from that needed cleaned up and organized. Once I had the wall cleared Bob came down to help me reassemble the shelves. We now have more storage space on that wall. Once get my five foot table back from the work room I can finish up organizing my gardening supplies that I had sitting on the camping table.

I swept out both areas where the cars are parked and moved them back in the garage. Three hours later things look better but I still have some work to do to finish up.








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