Saturday April 19, 2014

I am reading the new Flavia de Luce mystery by Alan Bradley, The Dead in Their Vaulted Arches, from our TBR shelf. Alan sent Bob a signed copy, You can read the thank you yourself in the back of the book. I love this series. As I mentioned before, I have little background or interest in science but Flavia, a 12 year old budding scientist and mystery solver, makes it enjoyable as part of the Alan’s story telling.

I started the book this morning while waiting on my car to be serviced at Firestone; oil change, inspection, alignment, and tire rotation. Two and half hours later I was finally on my way to the drug store, grocery shop and make a stop at the library to turn in and pick up a book.

No yard work today. It’s 52, rainy, windy, and very chilly. I will work on kit projects for Bob this afternoon.

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