Friday May 23, 2014

A day off during the week or weekends usually are sleeping in days unless I have an early appointment. That means 7:30 to 8 most of the time. Bob often gets up around 7:30 on weekends to take Colin out and lets me sleep in until 8. Sometimes we both do. We could have slept in this morning had Colin not woken us up at 6:15 vomiting in his crate. So, Bob took him out while I cleaned up the mess and we were up…earlier than a usual work day. Oh well.

I took off for Home Depot to get paint chips, the grocery store, and then back home. We picked a close enough match to the aluminum siding and put away the groceries then I took off again. I went to the library, bank, and drug store before meeting Marcy for lunch.  After lunch I drove back out to Home Depot to get the paint.

It’s cloudy and humid. We have a brief rain shower while I was out and about. Kit stuff this afternoon.

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