Saturday May 24, 2014

It is a gorgeous day. 80 degrees, cloudless deep blue skies, and a slight breeze. I helped Bob caulk the big crack between the wood facing that goes around the back door and the brick wall in preparation for tomorrow’s painting. My task planned for today was to trim all the bushes. However, when I went to put gas in the trimmer I noticed one of the small plastic gas lines dangling. I thought perhaps it had come loose from being attached to the trimmer. When I tried to see where it attached to it broke off at the other end at the handle. I asked Bob to call the John Deere place out Reynolda road to see if they were open and would look at it. I bought it from them at least fifteen or more years ago. They were indeed open and did not sell Husqvarna products any longer they still serviced them. I drove out to see if it was worth having it fixed. He said should be $50 at most but if they got into and saw it would be more they would call. It’s been a good trimmer and I’ve never had it serviced. They are roughly two weeks behind which is fine. The shrubs can wait. Bush trimmers are the only thing I do not want to electric with. I get aggravated enough with the cord using the edger and weed eater. No way can I deal with a cord trimming bushes and would most likely cut the cord at some point.

With that project shot down I consulted my to-do list and decided on cleaning the deck. I grabbed an old mop, the 409, some rags, and took care of that project. I did not want to get water involved since I am painting tomorrow and did not want to get the grass wet.

Since I did not get the bushes trimmed I still wanted to get the maple seeds up from the natural area. I raked those up then mowed. I trimmed the other two hydrangea bushes of dead stalks, watered both the front and back plants including our new tree and called it a day. It really is too pretty a day to be inside.


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