Friday July 18, 2014

I decided earlier in the week to take the afternoon off to play golf. The forecast for this afternoon up until this morning was for cool and cloudy conditions but no rain. The last time I played was July 21, 2013 at the little executive course, Heather Hills. Today I went back to Wilshire. the course where dad and I used to play. I may have gone to the driving range once after I played last year but other wise have not picked up a club in awhile. I played surprisingly well. Driving ranges are okay but it’s not the same as getting out there and playing shots.

The forecast this morning called for late afternoon thunderstorms but it was looking like rain when I left work at 2pm. The sun came out while I was playing but I could see dark clouds and what looked like rain off in the distance. I was finished playing and putting my stuff in the carĀ  as the wind picked up and the rain started.

I came back to the house to change into dry clothes then Bob and I went to dinner at Coppolas which is next door to the Harris Teeter. After we are he waiting in the car and read while I did the grocery shopping.

We have light rain showers falling now. They tore the grass up a little on one side with their sidewalk demolition equipment. I will be fine until fall when we I have the yard plugged and seeded. It’s too hot and dry in August to try to reseed right now.


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