Saturday September 13, 2014

The warehouse needs room to expand and get organize. We really do not use the downstairs room except as a bolt hole if we have severe enough weather and it’s been a couple of years since we’ve even had to do that. Bob needs more room downstairs to store kit supplies. This morning I piled all the furniture we are keeping at the far end of the room to leave a path for Goodwill when they come. Once the big furniture is out we no longer need we can organize the room better for storage than for sitting. We have a miss-mash of tables from both my parents and his plus a really nice cedar chest, the table and chairs, a rocker, and  a few other odds and ends we are keeping.

It’s a nice cloudy, rainy day for working inside. Once I finished downstairs I settled in my office to do some work at my desk. Bob has a few kit projects for this afternoon that need my attention.

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