Thursday September 18, 2014

I’ve been to the Y both tonight and Tuesday night,otherwise it has just been a very busy week at work leaving me with very little mental energy to come up with a post here.

We bailed on watching Twin Peaks but Bob found a really good documentary series called The Incredible Dr. Pol about a veterinarian in rural Michigan that runs both a large and small animal practice with his wife and help sometime from one of his sons. Sometimes I can’t “look” when something bad has happened to the animals, particularly dogs, but it really is a good series. He practices old fashion medicine to help the farmers save money when he is treating their animals.

We are also watching the season 9 of Bones and the third season of  Revenge. Speaking of which, I will be leaving very early Sunday morning on bus trip to Long Island and the Hamptons. I am hoping we get to see where they film Revenge.

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