Saturday September 20, 2014

I am reading another Jolie Gentil mystery on my Kindle, Behind the Walls.

I had intended to mow when after dinner last night but I was too tired. It had been another long, busy day at work. I made a drug store and grocery stop on the way home, fixed dinner and took the rest of the night off.

This morning I did the usual Sunday banking chores, shredded paper for Bob, cleaned the bathrooms, and starting the packing process. It does not take me long to do the actual clothing packing but it takes awhile for me to gather all the little odds and ends. I have a very handy pad of “Pack This” sheets with a detailed check list and I transfer my pocketbook and wallet to a scaled down version for trips.

I am getting ready to mow the lawn then after lunch do the rest of the odds and end chores and pack. It is to be sunny and mild up there next week. I am looking forward to getting away but will miss Bob and Colin.

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