Saturday September 27, 2014

Bob and I did a Costco run this morning getting there when they opened at 9:30. From there we stopped at Dick’s Sporting Goods to purchase a couple of the shotguns. An hour and half later we were finally out of there and headed home. They had to order one of the models he wanted but we were able to come home with the two of the Marlin’s.

This afternoon it was yard projects. I pulled up the Vinca in the front bed and flower pot by the porch and replace it with the pansies, mum, and kale I purchased yesterday on my errands. While that side of the yard was being watered with the sprinkler I patched a couple of holes and bad bare spots with lawn soil and seeded those then moved the sprinkler to that side of the yard. The backyard with hopefully get watered Monday with the promised rain.

I put the deck hanging pot back out with pansies and filed the two back pots down by the deck.. I still have a few pansies left to plant later. I trimmed back the Rose of Sharon and the balloon plant. It is a very nice day to be outside. Cool and breezy with mostly sunny skies.


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