Friday September 26, 2014

I’m back from my wonderful trip to Long Island and the Hamptons. Marcy and I left Sunday the 21st, a very long day, leaving the my house at 4am for Holiday Tours for our 6am departure. The group arrived at our New Jersey hotel at 7:00 Sunday night. Monday morning we drove through NY city to Long Island. After a lunch stop we toured Old Westbury Gardens and house before heading to the hotel. There we met up with our local tour guide for a short trip to a bison farm and then a lobster dinner. We spent all day Tuesday and most of Wednesday seeing a great deal of the Hamtons. Not just the houses of the rich and famous but beautiful countryside, small villages, the coastline, lovely vineyards, and the Montauk Point lighthouse. We had perfect weather with cool temperatures and clear blue skies.  We left Long Island late Wednesday afternoon for the same hotel in New Jersey. Yesterday was another long day arriving back at Level Cross at 9pm last night. I was home a little after 10pm.
This morning I caught up the ironing, unpacked, etc, etc. Errands this afternoon. The lawn company plugged and seeded on Tuesday and thankfully we’ve had some rain everyday since.

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