Saturday April 18, 2015

Busy day. This morning I drove out to Lowe’s to pick up some bedding plants, hose repair kits for the two hoses I brought from dads, and a new hose reel. From there the RV place, which is just up the road, to get the grill tank filled, and then the library to drop off and pick up books.

I was back home a little after 10 but the grass was still wet so I edged the front curb and pruned back the bush by the porch and one in the natural area to see if they will make it.

I then hooked up the new hose reel to the faucet, checked to make sure the connections did not leak, attached the hose to make sure that connection did not leak, and discovered the middle portion where the hose goes was not connected on one side. I thought it had just slipped off, but no, a tab was busted off and it was broken. Great.

I mowed the lawn then returned the hose reel back to Lowe’s. I stopped at Home Depot but they did not have anything I liked. Back home, I swept up the curb and sidewalk and planted the pack of bedding plants and the two that go in pots by the porch. I still need a few more plants but the eight wave petunias I put out will do for now with the few pansies that made it through the winter.

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