Thursday July 23, 2015

It started raining sometime in the early morning hours and was still raining when we got up. It was cloudy and rainy off and on all day though it did stop around lunch time when Karin and walked up the street for lunch. It started again just as I was leaving work.

While we are still concentrating on the Jefferson area to move we decided to widen our search to nearby Watauga County. The town of Boone is the metropolis of that area due to the massive growth of Appalachian State which I attended from 1973 to 1977. We do not want to live in Boone but they do have some nice surrounding areas including Vilas, Blowing Rock, and Deep Gap. We had Sherman look for properties in that direction resulting in quite a few for us to look through this weekend to decide if we want to take a look at them the next time we go up.

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