Saturday July 25, 2015

Today is dad’s birthday. In his honor I met Frances, Al, and Marcy at his favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch.

Last night I stopped at the grocery store, came home, and fixed dinner. I left around 8 to meet Bonnie at Muddy Creek Cafe and Music Center, about five minutes from here in nearby Bethania, to hear Tyler Nail trio perform. They played about an hour and a half, I was back by 11.

This morning I changed the sheets on the bed, mowed, showered, and headed out to meet them for lunch. From there I stopped by the library and Planet Fitness, a new gym that opened in the nearby Reynolda Shopping Center about four months ago. A very nice facility and much cheaper than the Y. I joined on a month to month draft basis with no yearly membership requirements. I decided I really cannot go two or more months without going to the gym.

Kit stuff for Bob this afternoon.


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