Sunday September 27, 2015

I am reading a new Margaret Maron mystery, Long Upon the Land, in her Deborah Knott series.

I’ve completed the house keeping and accounting chores. The weather remains cloudy and wet with occasional drizzle/rain again today. My four legged child is bored, bored, and bored because he cannot go outside to play stick. I gave him extra walks yesterday and of course, play ball in the house, but he really misses his stick play. The yard is wet but has grassy enough I may let him play stick today regardless of the wet conditions. I opted out of having the yard plugged and seeded this year. In the past three years I have had it done we get a dry spell right afterward like we did this year. I have to water to keep the seed wet until it washes in and it tears the yard up and makes it muddy all fall and winter because the seeding really does not grow in that much until the next spring.

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