Saturday September 26, 2015

The rain and wind continue and the yard is a big mess. Last night around 10pm Bob and I were reading in bed when there a loud crash by the bedroom window. Colin immediately jumped up and started his ferocious barking. I headed down the hall while Bob grabbed the flashlight. Fortunately the very large limb that came down landed in the driveway and did not hit the house. This morning there are several more big ones down with a lot of sticks and small stuff along with lots and lots of wet leaves. We have had a least 2 inches of rain with more on the way today through tomorrow.

With the cool weather and the thermostat set on 74 the house over the last two days has become extremely humid. Even with the dehumidifier running it was 63% in the basement and 70% in the house. I finally turned the air down to 70 to get some of the humidity out of the house and to cool things down a little.

Bob is doing laundry and I am doing kit stuff. It’s just too nasty to run around doing errands today which can wait until next week.





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