Day 16 of home recovery. Three weeks since the surgery. PT session this afternoon. Yesterday I called Mary to ask her if she had some free weights I could borrow. I don’t want to loose all my upper body strength training  while I have to be on hiatus from the Y.

Last night she dropped off two of her 15 pound hand weights after discussing over the phone what sizes she had for me to borrow. She called to let us know she was on her way and Bob and I walked out to the curb to get them. I knew Bob could handle one of the weights but not both…ha, only kidding.

Earlier in the week I started taking Colin for his walks. If we give him a ball to carry in his mouth he is pretty good on the leash. He drops in periodically along the way requiring you to have help keep an eye on it.

Should he see something and make a mad dash I will just drop the leash. Walking him is good for my knee because it makes we walk more normal and straighten the knee with out thinking about it. He loves to chase blowing leaves. He will dive and dart to try to catch them even with the ball in his mouth. Still very much a puppy.,

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