Day 17. We went from warm to cold overnight. Today is nasty with highs in the mid 40’s, wind, and drizzle. I had Colin out a couple of times this morning but I let Bob take him out the rest of the day. It was pretty chilly on my legs even with these horrid hose on.

I am reading the third and most recent book in Charles Todd’s, Bess Crawford series, A Bitter Truth. I hope he continues to write in this series.

But, I took a break from reading this afternoon to watch a Brothers and Sisters marathon. Bob does not like the show, especially once Emily VanCamp went off, but was willing to suffer through while I continued to watch. We only had six episodes left in the series to finish off the series via streaming. It went off the air this past May. I told Bob I would watch the rest of the shows this afternoon while he worked.

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